Effective practice management software and strategies for the medical domain

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Our EMR (EHR) Practice Management systems support: encryption, user profiles, charts, custom reports, insurance, billing, HR, schedules, searches, and much more.

Use Fields of Code Practice Management software to analyze and protect your EMR (EHR) data with ease. Allow multiple users to access data securely and concurrently from any location.

We encrypt the data that resides in the database, the backups, and the data while in transit, thus shielding it from a wider range of threats.


We provide a comprehensive solution that aids compliance with regulatory and privacy legislation. Control the types of access to patient data through detailed user profiles to prevent breaches and accidental data loss.


Keep your EHR databases remotely on the web, on your private network, or a combination of several locations, depending on how your stakeholders need to collaborate and the nature of your data.

■  Encrypt all data and backups.
■  Permit/restrict staff workflows via user profiles.
■  Create custom reports with a drag-and-drop interface.
■  Generate groups manually or by using search terms.
■  Schedule your appointments and tasks with ease.
■  Manage and annotate x-rays and intra-orals.
■  Use graphically enhanced charts for fast reviews.
■  Print periodontal charts and billing reports easily.
Manage structured and unstructured data forms.
■  Import and edit dictionaries and fee schedules.
                                                             And much more...

Practice Management Made Easy: Fields of Code Systems, Powerful, User Friendly EMR Management Software

Our Medical and Dental Practice Management Software have an intuitive user interface. It is a feature rich solution that addresses patient information, employee records, and additional aspects of your clinic. It provides you with superior decision-making mechanisms, that will affect your bottom line quickly, and noticeably.


Use Our Flexible Reporting to Run Your Clinic Smoothly

Fields of Code Reporting is incorporated into all our Medical and Dental EHR software editions. Our reporting has an elegant, friendly drag and-drop graphical user interface, which allows you to create an unlimited number of custom reports with no difficulty. Select your images, fonts and colors to synchronize reports with your existing brochures. Follow this link to access our free video library, you will find numerous reporting tutorials to help you start printing reports within minutes.


Don't Just Enter Data into Your EHR Management System, Use It To Discover Facts

Use Groups and dynamic searches in all our Dental and Medical Software editions to find overdue patient accounts, or accounts within any given amount range. Discover your most recently changed charts, list appointments that are within a given date range, and much more. Create groups to help you track notifications, manage research participants and their related data. Apply rules to have the system calculate lists for you automatically based on criteria, and/or mix it up with manually inserted locations, reports, physician and patient files.


Solutions That Make Sense For The Structured and The Unstructured Data That Emerge In Your Patients' Health Records

Fit a variety of data categories into structured predefined pages to manage: personal information, lab results, prescriptions, medical history, x-rays, periodontal charts, insurance, faxes, billing, referrals, fee schedules, etc. Our Dental and Medical Software centralizes all the pieces relating to each patient or employee intuitively into one cohesive entity, which then all gets consistently encrypted, exported, or viewed in complete tandem. Create your own custom hierarchies to fit and integrate any unexpected unstructured data within your patient or employee files.


Privacy legislation requires you to protect the identity of your patients...

Fields of Code EHR and Practice Management Systems are the easy way to protect patient information and manage your clinic.


Break payments into monthly installments for up to 24 months
You can request payments to be broken into several equal monthly installments. There is no additional cost or interest. There are no setup-fees. Contact our sales team to arrange the length of the term.


Don't want to use expensive servers? Not a problem!
Fields of Code EMR and practice management  software can be configured for use to manage your patients' health care records on computers connected over a hub without having to purchase expensive server operating systems or database servers.


You need an enterprise solution with a client-server model?
Fields of Code EMR and practice management systems can be configured with enterprise settings using a distributed client-server model for more advanced setups in larger clinics.


Are you worried about your staff learning to use your practice management system? No need to worry, we have the right solution for you!
Our Dental and Medical EHR software is shipped with numerous video tutorials and sample reports. Reuse the demo reports by copying, insert your clinic's logo into these reports and customize further as needed. Our practice management software has a consistent, friendly user interfaces all throughout the application. User profiles can be set up to prevent accidental changes and deletions. We provide FREE Technical Support for all our products. We are eager to help users with any questions they may have about our products.